I've opened a new secondary shop for items I can't list on Etsy any more! Check out AmplectiMortem's Storenvy for wolf, bear, lynx, and more!

AmplectiMortem has a sale going on right now! Use the discount code STPADDYS20131 for $10 off orders of over $60, or use the code STPADDYS20132 for free shipping on orders of over $35!

In light of the fact that I’m trying to raise money for a rather urgent visit to the dentist’s ( one of my fillings came loose and I need to get it re-anchored before it comes out entirely since it literally makes up half of that tooth & covers the root as well ), I figured I’d let you guys know that I have a looot of tails in my Etsy shop right now - the ones you see here are, except for two of them, all ranched! I got them from a small place that deals in garment-industry scrap and reject pieces, so if you’ve ever wanted to own a ranched fox tail but didn’t wanna buy it from a rancher, now’s your chance!

Tails shown here are, in order of photos; blue frost, arctic, indigo, platinum, cross, platinum.

Find ‘em HERE @ AmplectiMortem!

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